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About Us

Our vision

Taking pride in our work as well as our community is a vital part of Common Ground Construction’s vision: to be the premier social enterprise construction company.

What we are about

At Common Ground Construction, our work is more than our job.

• We make a difference in the Twin Ports community through our contributions to affordable housing and home improvements.

• We plan and conduct our work in a manner which provides financial security to our employees and company.

• We believe in offering fulfilling careers.

• We believe in making a difference by conducting our construction work in as durable, energy-efficient, and ecologically sustainable manner as resources will allow.

• We employ transparency, good communication, support for learning and growing, good humor and respect in fostering both collective responsibility and individual leadership.

• Our values add up to a flexible and fun company culture.

our team

Our team of talented professionals is available to assist private homeowners improve their homes. We provide affordable kitchen and bath remodels, custom decks for outdoor living, replacement windows and more. For a free estimate, call Todd at 218-740-3666 and let us show you how we might work together.